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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is rapidly becoming a critical necessity for 3PLs to communicate with customers and retailers. Accommodating this means of data transition can help keep your current customers and attract new ones. 3PL Warehouse Manager can deliver this solution… in simple steps.

Focused on supporting the unique needs of 3PLs, Fulfillment Dynamics EDI capabilities enable you to grow your business with existing customers, this virtually eliminates data entry errors while increasing your order fulfillment capabilities with the automated communication of inbound requests and outbound shipments.

FD Warehouse Manager supports a variety of common EDI file protocols including: 
X12 (940/945)
Fixed-position flat file
XML (via FTP or Web Service Call)

FD Warehouse Manager also supports a variety of connection methods including:
Integration with your own in-house 3PL systems
Direct connection with your customer (the manufacturer)
Integration with 3rd party EDI service providers -- FD Warehouse Manager is pre-wired with both DiCentral and SPS Commerce. 

Included when doing EDI on behalf of your trading partners -- FD can help support auxiliary needs including retailer certified UCC-128 labels, retailer 856 shipment notifications and EDI 753 communication.

With compliant UCC labing retailers including Wal-Mart, Target Costco. Users just need to select the and print labels directly to their label printer. Our warehouse management system ( WMS ) maintains the retailer-compliant UCC-128 label library, ensures labels are updated whenever necessary.

Start saying “Yes” when customers ask if you support EDI and retailer UCC-128 label printing – and watch your business grow.​